Can I place the game in my portal or store?

Yes! ...and it's free!

Simply forward to (redirect or within an iframe):

You can put advertising on top to generate some revenue.
Otherwise, publish it through and automatically get a 10% revenue share.

Is there some promo material?

Yes, here!

Can it be played anywhere?

Yes, you can play it on your smartphones, tablets and PCs!

The game is mobile friendly and suited for small devices. Moreover, it also looks nice on big screens since it has full HD graphics.

In theory, HTML5 games can be played everywhere. However, in practice we are far from it. Despite it runs in most devices we tested (ios, android, and windows), we cannot guarantee it works everywhere.

Can you implement my API?

Yes ...if your API is based on revenue share.

We can implement your ad and microtransactions APIs for a small fee of 100$.

If your API is not based on revenue share, things get more complicated. We have no means to assess how big your portals and networks are, making it hard to assess the "right price".

How does it work?

You will get a link like:

it will be configured accordingly. All we need is the list of portals where you plan to release it. It also has the benefit of regular games updates.

Can I have a zip archive?

By default, we host the game, and provide you a link that you can redirect to or embed in an iframe. We dislike zip archives. It makes it impossible for us to track its usage and also makes distributing game updates a cumbersome process.

Can I have a one time license without login, ads, microtransactions, etc?

Perhaps, but a revenue share is definitely preferred.

Contact me at for any inquiries.